Woodside Village HOA, 2511 W. Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704, 714.641.1556, fax 714.540.9645
The Woodside Village HOA Manager Saeid Hariri is harassing a homeowner.

In spite of the fact that California Civil Code section 1353.6 clearly states: "The governing documents, including the operating rules, may not prohibit posting or displaying of noncommercial signs, posters, flags, or banners on or in an owner's separate interest," and never mind that such Woodside Village HOA's operating rule and fine does not even exists, Saeid Hariri will moronically claim to remove the sign.

It is clear example that only a person with low IQ can be the HOA manager.
In addition Saeid Hariri was recently fired and sued by the Aliso Creek Villas Condominium Association and South Coast Terrace Condominium Association.

Nobody fires or sues good, honest and competent HOA manager.

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Imagine to be a homeowner in the Woodside Village HOA.
Would you like Saeid Hariri to be your manager?..... Huh?