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2511 West Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92704, tel 714.641.1556, fax 714.540.9645
Rainbow of Terror
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SAEID HARIRI IS SUED AGAIN! WE MAY PAY FOR HARIRI'S LAWLESSNESS! If I could do it all over again, I would never purchased property in this hellhole ran by Saeid Hariri. Trust me! [Emphases added]

Woodside Village HOA - Extortion of Hispanics
I am a condo-owner in the Woodside Village HOA ["WVHOA"] at 2511 W. Sunflower Ave. D8, Santa Ana, CA 92704.

Based on our governing documents the WVHOA has no power to levy disciplinary fines without first obtaining 51% approval from the membership and amend CC&Rs and Bylaws accordingly. This is consistent with California Law Revision Commission, Common Interest Development Law, 5000. Authority to impose disciplinary fine, Page 54, See

In spite of lack of his authority to collect any disciplinary fines the WVHOA  Manager Saeid Hariri developed sophisticated scheme to collect money by use of fear which would be consistent with PENAL CODE SECTION 518-527.

Since the complex is mostly occupied by Hispanics who have no knowledge of the CC&Rs, written in English language, they are easily intimidated by Saeid Hariri to pay money.

Even if the disciplinary fines would be legal his only lawful recourse to collect would be the Small Claim Court.

Since I was 2004/2006 mayoral candidate in Santa Ana election the homeowners are asking me to intervene on their behalf and because I am not an attorney I cannot give them, and or provide any legal advise.

Based on reported allegations to me the law violations are so grave, may be terrorist threats in my opinion, that I am asking Santa Ana City Council and District Attorney to intervene.

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Owner - Stanley Fiala 16:02:39 03-13-07

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